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How to tell if you’re an Indigo Woman checklist + a meditation to help you get in-tune with your true self.


Who is an Indigo Woman?

An Indigo Woman is someone who might feel out of place in the world. She might be overly sensitive and/or intuitive. She feels the global connection of all things on a soul level, and wants to live from that place, but it feels risky. Sign up for my newsletter above and take a quick quiz to find out more about the characteristics of Indigo Women, and get a meditation made just for you!

I have found that many Indigo Women feel stuck at some point in their lives.

You’re ready to finally take the next step in your journey. You know it’s time to live a truly fulfilled and inspired life – one where you can fully live out your life’s purpose.

It’s time to be understood. It’s time to nourish your inner Indigo Child.

And you know: You cannot settle for the ordinary. You are not to be bound by any limits – it’s time for you to expand into a sense of absolute freedom.

But how do you discover how to move from where you are now to where you want to be? You know you have the capacity to accomplish great things – but how do you navigate forward on your journey?

Right now, you might….

+Feel like you need to be pointed in the right direction.
+Desire to be fully seen for all that you really are…and to discover all that you really are, too.
+Be wandering from one point to the next, without direction.
+Feel alienated from others, or know that your path isn’t the same as everybody else’s be bored with where your life is in this moment.
+Have a strong need to move forward with confidence and clarity.

I’m here to guide you towards discovering all that you can be. As an Intuitive Indigo Woman, Certified Life Coach, Tarot Reader and Healer, I give Indigo Adults permission to explore and live their life’s purpose, and to make leaps and bounds forward on their unique life path.

When we work together, we can create more freedom within your life.

I know that there’s nothing “wrong” with you. We just need to navigate together to figure out the best way to understand how you can finally step into your authentic self and live a life full of freedom and joy.

I’m here to help. As an Indigo Woman, I have collected many experiences of feeling like I didn’t belong, but I have been able to come to a place of living a life that is true to my purpose. For over 11 years, I have been collecting various educational and spiritual experiences that enable me to not only guide you forward on your path, but also to be empathetic to exactly where you are in life right now. With a Master’s Degree in Psychology, a Reiki II Certification, and deep spiritual studies, I offer a unique experience for my clients. My main superpower is that I see you as whole, as who you truly are, even if you don’t see it yourself.

When we work together, you will be heard.

And I totally get where you’re coming from.

Like most Indigo Children, I more or less wasn’t able to be my true self when I was younger – except around my grandmother. And once she passed away, that piece of me was gone, too.

As I got older, I started to push my self-imposed limits. I started traveling, and every time I did, my comfort zone was pushed a little bit more and I learned something new about myself. Once I started pushing my comfort zone by physically moving myself around, that shook up my world and I started to not be okay with the status quo in other parts of my life.

I’ve learned to be comfortable at the edge of my comfort zone.

Now, I thrive on challenges and change.

Together, let’s find your edge and travel there. When you reach this place, you can really learn about yourself and prompt a huge transformation to happen.

Are you willing to go there with me?