From Hating Your Job to Loving Your Life


All you want to do it make a difference in the world. You want to feel inspired when you wake up and excited to go do something that you love. Instead, you feel like you’re wasting your life in a job that you hate.

You are ready to figure out what to do with your career. When you commit to 6 sessions, we’ll go through the entire process, from figuring out your values, how to reduce your stress level right now, gaining the self-confidence to stand by your feelings and decisions, getting crystal clear on boundaries, and deciding what the next step is for having a meaningful career and life filled with purpose.


What you’ll get when you sign up for From Hating Your Job to Loving Your Life:

  • 6 60-minute one-on-one sessions with me via phone or in-person if you live in the Denver/Boulder area (all calls are recorded so you can listen again later if you want!)
  • An understanding of what you really value and clarity on how you can bring more of these values into your current job (and life)
  • Individualized self-care strategies that actually work for you, not just “take a bath and read a book” (unless that’s your jam)
  • Exercises and strategies for learning to tap into your own intuition and gaining confidence to make your own decisions
  • Concrete ways to set kind boundaries in all areas of your life
  • Decide on whether you should stay or leave your current job
  • A sense of anything else that might be holding you back from having the life you’ve always wanted – and – how to work through it
  • Email support in between sessions and up to two weeks after your last session in case any questions come up
  • The option to add-on a single session in the future if you need it.